Registration Policy

Registration is limited to the amount of allocated slots for each course. Due to the limited slots available in each class, registration will be based on a first come first serve system.

a) Students are considered registered when they receive a confirmation email. The confirmation email will be sent out upon the completion of the following: (1) receiving full payment (2) completing the registration form. If no email was received after completing the above, please contact us at hello@talenttree.ca.

b) Payment can be made online through Paypal or by cash or cheque on the first day of classes. Payment by cheque can also be mailed to: 2 Homewood Ave. (Cheques must be made out to: Talent Tree Inc. and include the full course tuition plus HST)

c) The maximum class size of each course will be determined by the instructor. For more popular classes there may be up to 12 students. Classes usually range from 6-10 students. To maintain quality, studio class sizes will never exceed 12 students.

d) Students will be placed on a waiting list for the next available course when registering for a course that is currently full or has already started.

e) Applicants have the option to register and enroll into an active course before the second week of classes (full course tuition applies). Please contact us in this situation.

f) After the second week of classes, students who register for classes will automatically be enrolled into the next available date of the course or added to the waiting list depending on availability.

Refund Policy

All refunds must be requested through e-mail. To be eligible for a refund, you must request a return receipt. The date on the return receipt constitutes for the date it is received.

a) All course prices include a non-refundable $50 deposit.

b) Refund requests must be received via email to hello@talenttree.ca and will go in effect on the date received.

c) Course refunds will be issued as follows:

– 100% refund minus $50 deposit will be issued for withdrawing from a course BEFORE the first week of class.

– Refund minus the amount of classes attended and $50 deposit will be issued for withdrawing from a course BEFORE the third week of class.

Course Cancellations and Changes

Talent Tree reserves the to right to delay the start date of a course by up to four weeks, cancel any course, reduce the size of a class or provide a substitute teacher for the first two weeks of courses.

Upon the unlikely circumstance of a course change or cancellation:

a) Students will receive an e-mail two weeks prior the start date of a course.

b) Full refund (including the $50 deposit) will be returned to those registered for a cancelled course.

c) Students will be provided with the option to transfer to another course.

Course Transfers

In order to transfer from one course to another – students must make a transfer request. This service is free of charge.

The deadline to submit a transfer request is one week (5 business days) before the second week of classes.

a) All students must e-mail a transfer request to hello@talenttree.ca to be eligible.

b) If the new course’s tuition is less than the previous course, the regular refund policy will apply.

d) If the new course’s tuition is more than the previous course, a payment of the difference must be made out to Talent Tree Inc. before the student attends the new course.


Due to the structure of courses and sheer amount of content in each class; it is highly recommended that students do not miss a class. If students are unable to attend a class – they will not be able to retake the class that they missed.

a) Payment is for the entirety of the course, thus missing classes does not constitute any discount or refund.

b) If a student knows they are going to be absent from class; they are encouraged to speak with their instructor about the missed content. If available, students will be offered a recording of the class that they missed.

c) If a student is absent for the first three weeks of class and does not request a refund after the third week of classes they will not be eligible for a refund.

Substitution Policy

In the unlikely event of an instructor’s absence due to professional or personal conflicts; Talent Tree will provide a qualified instructors in the lieu of their absence.

Materials Policy

Talent Tree does not provide any art materials, computer hardware or software for any classes. Talent Tree will email students with a list of required materials for the course a week before the first day of classes. For certain classes, Talent Tree will have some materials on premise that students are able to purchase or borrow for the duration of the class.

If you have any questions about our policies, please feel free to contact us at: hello@talenttree.ca or at (905) 467-7771.