Frank Hong


Environment design, colour and light

Frank graduated from Sheridan College in 2011 with a BA Degree in (Animation). Before becoming an independent artist for film, Frank worked as a concept artist in the video game industry for 3 years. During his time in the video game industry, Frank developed a keen eye for concept art and visual development – a skill that contributed to his success in the motion pictures industry. Since entering the film industry, Frank has worked on many feature titles such as: Pacific Rim, Godzilla, RoboCop, Skull Island, and much more.

Frank often wishes to share his knowledge and experience of the entertainment industry to many aspiring students and is recognized for his many years of tutoring and mentoring aspiring artists. Frank has contributed and has experience teaching at many local art schools and colleges: he was a peer-tutor during his time in Sheridan, has instructed Matte-Painting at Centennial College and taught Environment Visualization in Max-the-Mutt Animation School.

You can find more of Frank’s work in the Gallery and Link below: