Learn to design captivating and believable environments with confidence.


We will take a step by step approach to breakdown the process of creative a captivating environment design, starting with the fundamentals of composition and eye direction, the keys of any great environment design. The 10 week process will take students through a series of specific exercises designed to develop good habits in creative decision making. We will go in depth to explore tonal composition, staging and framing, cinematic lighting, color theory and photo textures. The result is a process that's greater than the sum of its parts.

Upon completion of this course the successful student will have reliably demonstrated the ability to create environment designs.

Students will need their own laptop + digital tablet to fully benefit from these live classes.


– How to compose images with clear eye direction and focal point
– The fundamental theories of painting in perspective and space
– How to use light and shadow to carve out your scene
– Using photo textures to complete your environment with realistic details
– To paint effectively using a step by step process



Cost: $800

Start Date: Saturday October 20

Time: TBA

Duration: 10 Weeks

Seats: 10 Seats per Class





Frank graduated from Sheridan College in 2011 with a BA Degree in (Animation). Before becoming an independent artist for film, Frank worked as a concept artist in the video game industry for 3 years. During his time in the video game industry, Frank developed a keen eye for concept art and visual development – a skill that contributed to his success in the motion pictures industry. Since entering the film industry, Frank has worked on many feature titles such as: Pacific Rim, Godzilla, RoboCop, Skull Island, and much more.

Frank often wishes to share his knowledge and experience of the entertainment industry to many aspiring students and is recognized for his many years of tutoring and mentoring aspiring artists. Frank has contributed and has experience teaching at many local art schools and colleges: he was a peer-tutor during his time in Sheridan, has instructed Matte-Painting at Centennial College and taught Environment Visualisation in Max-the-Mutt Animation School.

You can find more of Frank’s work here: