Learn how to draw and paint with digital painting tools and the arts fundamentals to start your creative journey

This course will teach students the basics of using Photoshop for digital art. We will introduce techniques used by industry professionals and more importantly the fundamentals you need to create art digitally. Upon completion, the successful student will be confident in painting and drawing with digital medium. This course is a good introduction to the world of creative design and painting, and a good primer for intermediate courses at Talent Tree.

Instructor:  Michael Soong

Duration: 10 weeks


COLOR AND LIGHT with Frank Hong

Learn the inner workings of Light and Color in digital painting medium.

To understand the relationship of Light and Color, we must take a in-depth look at the effects of lighting. We will start by studying the theory of color and light, then put it into practice by painting directly from life. In this class we will gain a new level of proficiency by in-class guided studies. We shall explore still-life, plein-air, and color study from various sources to build up a practical and precise understanding of how to pick the right colors to add life to your painting. 

Instructor:  Frank Hong

Duration: 10 weeks


DESIGN BASICS with Marco Brunelleschi

Explore the world of design by starting with the basic rules.

This course introduces the axioms of what makes an attractive design. Marco will show you the foundations of design he learned over the years. This course explains the basis of concept art illustration, it is recommended to students wanting to improve their use of shapes, research, and thinking when it comes to good design.

Instructor:  Marco Brunelleschi

Duration: 10 weeks




Learn to design captivating and believable environments with confidence. Students will be be guided through the work flow of a professional environment concept artist; We will take a step by step approach to breakdown the process of creative a captivating environment design, starting with the fundamentals of composition and eye direction, the keys of any great environment design. The 10 week process will take students through a series of specific exercises designed to develop good habits in creative decision making. By the end of the course, students will have learned the tools and techniques required to create spectacular environment designs.

Instructor: Frank Hong

Duration: 10 weeks


STYLIZED DESIGN with Justin Chan

This course will teach students how to create appealing designs, suited for animation and games. Primarily focusing on characters, the techniques learned will also be applied to environments and prop design. Using these skills, students will be able to tell stories effectively through paintings and build a believable world around their characters

Instructor: Justin Chan

Duration: 10 weeks


 PAINTING FROM LIFE with Caroline Ji

Take your canvas outdoors this summer and learn to paint from life.

This course uses gouache as a medium to capture the essence of life. Caroline will take you on a journey to study how to capture scenes from life by control your traditional medium. You will learn to study lighting, shadows, and color in a outdoor setting. By learning to intepret natural light in real life, you will gain a better understanding of how to put paint onto your canvas with confidence.

Instructor: Caroline Ji

Duration: 10 weeks



Life like characters masterfully illustrated.

Jonny will introduce his methods for getting a high fidelity character illustration done using a variety of digital tools. Learn to set up your frame, design the composition, pose with Daz 3D, using Keyshot to light and render your model, and painting over in Photoshop to bring it to a finish. This is an advanced class recommended for students with basic working knowledge of drawing and painting

Instructor: Jonny Hall

Duration: 10 weeks