Intro to Digital Painting

Intro to Digital Painting



Learn how to draw and paint with digital painting tools and the arts fundamentals to start your creative journey.


This course will teach students the basics of using Photoshop for digital art. We will introduce techniques used by industry professionals and more importantly the fundamentals you need to create art digitally. Upon completion, the successful student will be confident in painting and drawing with digital medium. This course is a good introduction to the world of creative design and painting, and a good primer for intermediate courses at Talent Tree.

Students will need their own laptop + digital tablet to fully benefit from this live course.

It is recommended that students have some basic drawing experience before taking this course.


-The basics tools you need of Photoshop software

-How to draw and paint using Photoshop

-How to draw lines, shapes and forms in perspective

-How to light and render an image

-How color works and how to apply it to your work

-How to depict materials, textures and visual effects

-How to use composition to better communicate your ideas

-Pro tips, tricks and techniques used by industry professionals to speed up your workflow along the way

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Cost:  $800 $700

Start Date: Saturday October 20, 2018

Time: 10:00 AM - 1:00 PM

Duration: 10 Weeks